Virtual Receptionist Services: More Than Real!

Exchange of information plays a vital role in communication per se. Via the installation of our services, you can be assured of an effectual dissemination of information across varied platforms. We herald this functionary as Virtual Receptionist.


Every single vital call is to be accounted for. From a nerve wrangling loss to a colossal deal, every information has its own importance. Hence you can’t miss even a single call. However, that being said, have you wondered if you can manage all your calls. You must have already started brooding. Well you needn’t do that as Virtual Receptionist ensures that via the sources such as call, email or chat, your each and every data is passed onto you.

Virtual but Real

The name lends an aura of being mystique to this functionary. Virtual? How can a virtual receptionist perform such tasks? Is it accountable? Feasible? Well you need not wonder along such lines. Being virtual merely means that this receptionist will save you from the rigours of on-site recruitment. Virtual Receptionist services are run by trained professionals who will act as mediators between your current/prospective clients. So you needn’t sweat over their real presence in the sanctum of your company. What’s even more gratifying is the fact that they won’t ask for perks or leaves. They will be there for you 24/7

Worth it ?

All said and done, it is of vital essence to know as to what all advantages Virtual Receptionist brings in. Let’s explore their feasibility to find whether they are worth it or not.

  1. Liberty from Desk
    When one imagines a top notch corporate environment, he/she is likely to imagine the head honcho to be occupied in daily transactions behind a state of art desk. It is true and yet it isn’t. A boss is always on the move and to keep things moving virtual receptionist is indeed a valuable asset to have. This service ensures that you are connected to calls, wherever you are and whenever you are. Even the voicemails will be mailed over to you with precision of timings.
  2. Cost Savvy
    Everything has gone virtual, from that book that you used to pick off the shelf or meet ups with your pals ( which is now a Hangout, courtesy Google). It is time to upgrade your receptionist as well. Virtual Receptionist can virtually accomplish any task assigned for a real receptionist. No scope of error and that too at a fraction of that cost! Hiring a virtual Receptionist service is more like digging a gold mine.

Call of Duty

Well it all comes down to work. Here is a list of functions which a Virtual Receptionist can perform.

  1. Increase in the number of availability hours.
  2. Unbiased approach towards clientele requirements.
  3. Apt and prompt service being provided.
  4. Establishment of an empathetic sync with the customer base.
  5. Monitoring of call transaction and forge an integrated report to be transferred to concerned authorities.

Virtual Receptionist is the REAL deal. All you need to know is that we are only a call away!