Reduce Employee Absenteeism with Our Employee Call Off Service

Would you like your employees to be sincere and dedicated and cut down on their absenteeism? You would definitely say yes to this question because it effectively means higher productivity for your business. Having an employee call off service for your business can actually cut down employee absenteeism to a great extent. With a trustworthy partner like us, employee absentee reporting will be completely transparent and efficient.

How Does an Employee Call Off Service Works?

When your employee calls us to report their absence at the work place, our skilled technicians will record every detail that is necessary per your company’s rules, like name of the employee, his employee identification number, department name, his supervisor’s name and his reason for absence. Our trained workforce will be completely dedicated towards keeping a thorough and professional record of your employees’ absentee reporting with the following features:

  • Every call is recorded and safely stored with our trained technicians in our databases, for the purpose of providing assurance with any information needed by your business in the future.
  • 100% accuracy in terms of absentee reporting because the date and time of the calls is stamped and stored in our databases.
  • Complement the employee call off service with another call to a prospective employee in your office so that he can fill in for the absent employee. This ensures that your business’ functioning is not disrupted.

What are the Benefits of outsourcing Employee Call Off Service to Us?

As you outsource your employee call off service to us, you also outsource your worries regarding smooth functioning of your business. Once we take on your task of employee absentee reporting, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Increased Productivity: This is the very reason why you should not take employee absenteeism for granted. Availing our employee call off service can result in greater productivity for your business which will eventually lead to more success.
  • No more disputed absenteeism: With the accuracy of our stored data about your employees’ absence, there can hardly be any ambiguity on part of the employee and the company. This negates any chance of any dispute that may arise between the employee and the employer regarding the absence.
  • A committed 24/7 availability: our service is available round the clock as our dedicated workforce is there even after working hours to keep a tab on your employees’ absenteeism any day, any time.

So many benefits along with added benefits of cost efficiency and time saving are definitely a factor that should not keep you from giving us a call to avail yourself of our services. We are here to support your business in its continuous growth and expansion.