Doctors answering service

A doctor’s profession is unlike any other because it requires some degree of sympathizing with the patient and not just professionalism. When answering phone calls from patients or fixing an appointment a degree of compassion is required. So the receptionist answering the phone call needs to keep this in mind. Patient might also have inhibitions discussing his/her personal problems with the receptionist. This is where our doctors answering service can help you if you are in the medical profession. Our staff ensures that each patient’s call is answered with patience and sympathy.

When patients call to fix appointments or have a query they need not worry about the person answering them as we are a third party. Anonymity is thus maintained. We at Answering Service Online will also help you handle all your calls and schedule appointments. We also handle emergency calls. People tend to be disappointed when their call is not answered, however, we ensure that all your patients are answered and no call is transferred to the voicemail.

We have a staff of professionals trained to handle patient calls and they are fully equipped to handle emergency calls. We are a 24/7 call center and our physician answering service is the best in the business.

Some of the features of our doctors answering service:

  • We are a 24/7 call center. The downside of hiring a receptionist to schedule appointments, handle emergencies is that they may not always be able to answer calls. An emergency can arise anytime so you need to ensure that your patients are always answered no matter what time of the day. We will answer calls anytime so that you are always there for your patients.
  • For emergency situations we have special feature of transferring the call directly to a professional, thus, eliminating the time lag.
  • We offer an emergency hotline number to your patients that will be helpful in times of emergencies.
  • We serve all types of clients in the medical line be it hospitals or private practitioners.
  • We guarantee that the staff handling the doctors answering service is trained to handle emergencies and equipped with the basics of medical knowledge so that they can handle all types of queries.
  • Appointment scheduling will become easy as never before. Your customers won’t have to wait on a busy line. He will be answered right away and your database will be updated, so that you staff is always aware of the appointments. There are also appointment reminders for you and your patients so no missed appointments will eat into your time.

Our physician or doctor answering service is the most reliable because we want to serve not just you but also your customers. We ensure that each customer is taken seriously and emergency calls are answered as soon as possible. Trust us with your patients and your patients will trust you.