How to Decide on the Call Answering Service Provider

Call answering service providers are spread all across the globe and all of them promise to provide the best services. But making sure which service provider is ideal for your business is a task at your hand and thus you should always take care of the finer details before deciding which service provider will best serve your needs.

24 hour telephone answering service can have telling impacts on your business and it is generally the customer handling efficiency that makes a business grow taller than its competitors in an open market. Having said that, not all call answering services will help your business achieve its true potential.

Call Answering Service

What to Look for in Call Answering Service:

Before you start a search for an ideal call answering service that will help your business go beyond your competitors in the market you have to decide what your requirements are and how much you are willing to pay to get the desired service for your business.

Once you have established how much you can pay, and also made an estimate of how much calls you are expected to receive on a monthly basis, here are some key factors you should consider before handling your call answering services to a call answering service provider.

Important Questions:

  • Call Answering: One of the foremost question you should ask your call answering service provider before finalizing him as your call answering service provider is how quickly their operator can answer to your clients. If they are not able to answer calls in the first three rings, you should generally not consider such a service provider.
  • Where is the Answering Service Provider Based: This has a huge impact on the pricing of your call answering service. Generally, if the call answering service provider is situated in a country like India, they will charge less for their services. However, if the call answering service provider is based in a country like USA, they will generally charge more for the service they provide. However, it’s not just about the cost, but also about the quality. A US based call centre may be able to provide you better quality than anywhere else.
  • Hold Time: Another key question to ask your call answering service provider before you hire the services is the hold time. You should enquire if there is any hold time associated with their service and if there is then how much is the hold time. You do not want your potential customer to contact your rival just because his/her customer was put on hold for a long time.
  • Custom Message: Can your call answering service provider deliver your custom message to your caller’s forms another important question that you need to ask. Sometimes custom messages are the key to satisfying your customers and thus you need a call service provider that offers custom message delivery service.
  • Reports: Call answering service providers are not just essential to take up your client calls, they are also important for client feedback. You have to ask what reports the call service providers are going to provide you with respect to the calls they receive. If they are unwilling to share key reports such as ‘is your client happy with a product’, ignore such service.

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24 hour telephone answering service can make or break the fortunes of your business. Make sure that you choose the right service provider for your business as this will go a long way in spreading your good name among your customers.


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