5 Reasons Why You should Love Call Center Jobs

In today’s fiercely competitive world, organizations are always looking for ways to become more productive and efficient in their operations. This is the reason why the answering services industry is growing leaps and bounds every year. Businesses are leveraging answering services such as customer service, ad response and inbound call center services to manage their customer communications, customer care support and ad inquiries in a smart and effective way.

The US call center industry is booming and there is a growing demand for call center professionals. Since mid 2000s, there is a shift from offshore call center services to onshore. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, call-center employment is likely to grow 38% between 2012 and 2022. This is twice as higher as that of any other support occupation.

Call Center Job

Here are Five Top Reasons that You would Love Call Center Jobs:

  • Best Start for Beginners: Most call center jobs do not require any prior experience or specific field related qualification. As a result fresh graduates can easily apply for call center jobs. All they would need is good communication skills, basic computer skills and in some cases fluency in certain languages such as English, French or Spanish. Most candidates therefore prefer to begin their career as call center executives.
  • Higher Income & Better Perks: When compared to other entry level jobs, call center jobs pay higher salaries as well as other perks such as meal coupons, free gym membership, health and life insurance, overtime, allowances for night shifts and so on. In addition, call center jobs, according to Salary.com, have higher future earnings potential as you move to mid-career positions and gain more experience.
  • Gain Valuable Experience and Learn Core Skills: Call center jobs offer opportunities like no other jobs when it comes to learning core skills such as communication skills, problem solving, soft skills, negotiation skills, problem-solving, multi-tasking, team-work, and so on. Candidates learn to manage their time and productivity as they need to follow several performance parameters such as average call handling time, number of calls per hour, etc. The experiences they gain in a call center environment prepare them for the professional world and help them grow in their career.
    Most call centers invest hugely on internal training for their employees. These training emphasize on key skills and are customer/service/product focused. These training are conducted all through the year and therefore are very effective in helping employees develop their skills.
  • Guaranteed Career Advancement: Call centers closely monitor the performance of their employees and are quick in rewarding bright professionals unlike other industries. Employees who are successful in meeting their targets continuously; have proven to be great team players, and can handle their tasks efficiently in this fast paced environment are likely to get promoted to next level in less than six months.
  • Exposure: Joining a call center allows young candidates to become a part of a bigger organization. This is very beneficial for beginners with no previous work experience. The call center service industry in U.S is growing at a stupendous rate. All major players in this industry are focusing on more advanced services thus providing more learning opportunities to young professionals. The exposure gained through a call center job paves the way for a promising career growth.

If you too are looking for a highly paid reliable job where you can thrive, a call center job is worth considering.



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