A Leader in Outsourced Call Center Services

A Nationwide Answering and Call Center Service Provider

With clients across the nation, Answering Service Online has become a leader in the answering services industry.  For 50 years we have offered call center services, live telephone answering services, and outsourcing services to a wide range of businesses, from freelance home offices to Fortune 500 companies.  At present, over 1200 national and local clients benefit from our 24/7 services.

Our Mission

The professionals at Answering Service Online have one goal in common:  to give clients the best service.  We accomplish this by customizing our services to conform to the individual needs of each client, charging a reasonable price, and supplying a seamless link between our company and theirs. As part of this strategy, we provide our employees with a top-notch compensation package and work environment, which promote harmony and productivity.

Our Staff

Our StaffOne of Answering Service Online’s biggest assets is our staff of agents.  We have one of the best employee retention rates in the business, and a few of our agents have accumulated 15 or more years with us.  We operate under the belief that happy employees take pride in their jobs, which results in a high quality of service for our clients.  With this in mind, we have set up our salaries, benefit program, and workplace environment to attract and retain highly qualified professionals.  We provide our agents with large-format LCD monitors and ergonomically designed workstations to promote comfort and productivity.  Because we value our agents, they value our clients.

Quality Training

All of our agents pass through an in-depth pre-screening process via phone interview to judge the applicant’s communication skills, grammar, and enthusiasm.  Once hired, our agents are led through a six-month training phase that involves a combination of classroom teaching and online exercises.  This process includes various audio-video training aids as well as one-on-one role playing.  Once agents have gone online, they are routinely monitored and expected to conform to our quality standards.  This ensures that your customers receive high-quality service.  These practices have enabled Answering Service Online to answer at least 80% of all calls within three rings.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Advanced Equipment and SoftwareIn addition to our staff of expert agents, Answering Service Online has assembled a collection of highly advanced equipment and software, which allows us to create customized solutions to comply with your specific business needs.  Our in-house programmers will build your account from scratch according to the specifications that you provide.  Answering Service Online’s software employs field enforcement, error checking, conditional formulas, and advanced branching to ensure that your data is both consistent and accurate.  Furthermore, our digital switching equipment enables us to supply skills-based routing and automatic call distribution to process calls in a cost-effective fashion.  Finally, our local and national toll-free phone numbers use all-digital telephony to ensure optimal call throughout and the best service possible.